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AGM 2022

On Saturday, July 23, 2022, three LCCKF Board of Director meetings were held at the Kirkfield Lions Club.  The 9:00am meeting was the final BOD meeting for the year 2021-2022, the 10:00 am AGM was held and the new Board of Directors were presented and the 11:00 am BOD meeting for 2022-2023 elected the new LCCKF BOD Officers.

LCCKF Board of Director Officers

Erica Park-Coutts reported on FLD- Camp Kirk

Lion Tony Weerdenburg presented his Property Maintenance Annual report

PID Carl Young thanked to 2021 2022 Board of Directors and PDLP Elaine Umphrey introduced the new Board of Directors for 2022 2023

Erica Park-Coutts assisted Lion Kelly Martin to pick the 2021 2022 50/50 ticket winner

Congratulations to the 50/50 winner who will receive $12,564.65.  New 50/50 tickets for 2022 2023 will be mailed out the the Lions clubs of District A16 soon.

PDG Barry MacDonald pinned DG Carolyn Stephenson with her LCCKF Award pin

PDG Barry MacDonald advised the members that he raised over $30,000.00 with his DG project.  His goal was $25,000.00

PID Carl Young that next year's AGM will be on July 29, 2023 at the Kirkfield Lions Club.  He also thanked Lindsay East for their donation of a BBQ for Camp Kirk

PDG Barry MacDonald advised the members that a Markham Lion Don Brodie has bequested $500,000.00 to LCCKF.  He also noted that his sister Cora Brodie will be having the Camp Kirk's kitchen dedicated in her name.

Lions Clubs Camp Kirk Foundation

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